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We write about various topics in the law. Some posts are for non-lawyers
who are looking for some basic information. Other posts delve into
more technical topics and may be of interest to attorneys.

  • Full Coverage

The Myth of “Full Coverage”

July 3, 2017
When we’re talking about bodily injuries, there’s no such thing as “full coverage.” It’s a...
  • dash-cam1

Buy a Dash Cam and Protect Yourself This Holiday Season

December 13, 2016
Holiday hustle and bustle is in full swing – but what do you get for...
  • danny_devito_hospital

The Ambulance Chaser Stereotype

November 4, 2016
Characters in Francis Ford Coppola’s The Rainmaker exemplify some great “scummy lawyer” archetypes. On the...
  • elder-abuse-statute

Elder Abuse and Exploitation Law in Nevada

October 14, 2016
Elder abuse has remained a persistent problem for decades. If an elderly or vulnerable person has been...
  • traffic-jam-688566_1280

What to Do When You Are in a Car Wreck: A Quick Step-By-Step Guide

September 23, 2016
Address any medical emergencies As we all know, car wreck injuries can range from minor...
  • car-crash

“Car Accident” is a Loaded Term, and You Probably Didn’t Even Realize It

September 15, 2016
It’s so fully integrated into our vernacular that it goes unnoticed, but there are definite...
  • dependent-100342

The Civil Bar’s Duty to Represent the Elderly and Vulnerable

September 7, 2016
As a society, we often fail to treat the elderly and vulnerable among us with...
  • las-vegas-1548382_1280

5 Reasons You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas

September 3, 2016
  It can be hard to know if hiring a personal injury lawyer is the...
  • car-bike

Who’s At Fault When a Car Hits a Bicycle?

September 1, 2016
In my early 20s I witnessed a horrific collision between a bicycle and a car....